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Cast photo!

Here\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a photo of the performing cast after a show!

HMM Trading Card Game!

Our security team member Lily designed and had printed an entire set of cards to be used as a card game. You can buy booster packs that contain 5 random cast member cards for only $5 at the survival kit table at the show!

Cast T-shirts!

Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t forget to buy your very own Help Me Mommy t-shirt at the survival kit table for only $20!

Love - Denton Style!

Welcome to NWI\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s own Rocky Horror Picture Show floorshow cast, Help Me Mommy!


03/21/2015 Show!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show returns to the screen tonight at The Art Theatre! Complete with a full audience participation and a LIVE floorshow cast – Help Me Mommy!

The party starts at 11 PM, and the pre-show will start at 11:30 PM. Make sure to bring your friends who have never seen the movie before, and watch them participate in the virgin sacrifice!

Tickets are only $8 at the door. The Art is located at 230 Main ST in Hobart, IN.

Prop bags are $2.
T-shirts are $20.

Make sure to “like” us on Facebook at fb.com/helpmemommyrhps!


NWI Rocky Horror Presents: Our First T-Shirts!

Did you know that Help Me Mommy is selling t-shirts? No? Now you do! You can see them on our models below — aren’t they fabulous? Don’t forget to purchase one at the show this Saturday night, for the low low price of only $20!


Updating HMM’s Website

tumblr_n8dbzpQhLD1s1v3r1o1_r1_500Hello, Kristen here! I’m in the process of changing some things around on the website, and in general updating a bit here and there. I’m not changing the layout, but you’ll find all the navigation (soon) along the bar on the upper part of the website. I’ll also be adding photos to new galleries, which will include fabulous pictures from our regular performances, theme nights, outside shows, and also adding in a separate page for videos.

I’ve also updated added in, and updated, a separate page to list our upcoming shows, which will be updated on a month to month basis. I will also be revamping our F.A.Q. page.

NWI’s Halloween Show will be ON Halloween this year!

That’s right, folks, this year Help Me Mommy will be performing our annual Halloween show ON October 31st! That means double the Rocky Horror, since Halloween is on a Friday this year. On September 1st, we’ll also be performing, in case you need to miss us on October 31st…But what is more Halloween than going to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Nothing WE can think of!

Find our official event on Facebook for the most up to date information, and invite your friends!

Please feel free to download and distribute the digital flyer below to tell all your friends about the show this year! And don’t forget, if you can’t make either day, we will still be performing The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday night at The Art Theatre in Hobart, Indiana!


Hire Us!

Are you interested in hiring Help Me Mommy to perform at your venue? While we perform every Saturday night at The Art Theatre in Hobart, Indiana, we are also always looking for new opportunities to perform special single shows elsewhere, especially during the month of October. Help Me Mommy has performed on a weekly basis at The Art Theatre since 2008. The cast has also performed 5 years in a row at the Legends sports bar & entertainment facility on the Notre Dame campus, as well as on the Grid Iron and at The State Theater in South Bend, Indiana. Several of our cast members have also performed during The Rocky Horror Picture Show during the annual RHPS conventions.

Not only are we interested in performing special shows outside of our normal theater, we are also interested in performing at various types of conventions and other non-traditional venues. If you are interested, you can contact us via our online contact form, or you can simply e-mail us at hmmrhps@yahoo.com.

We hope to hear from  you soon!
-Kristen E.
Help Me Mommy’s Promotions Director

Special Friday Night Show 9/19

Flyer 1

“Rocky Horror Ruined My Life”

Without further ado, we present Help Me Mommy’s official entry to the 39th annual Rocky Horror Picture Show convention in 2014.

“Rocky Horror Ruined My Life” – A documentary on the twisted fans and degenerate victims of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, as the film nears its 40th Anniversary.



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Let’s face it: we all know Facebook is evil. Pages used to be an awesome way to reach our fans; however, as the months have drawn on, we’ve noticed (as have many others) that Facebook is letting less and less of our posts reach you, our loyal fans. How are you supposed to know when we have an awesome theme night (like the local favorite, Dead Celebrity Night), if Facebook only allows our posts to reach 50 out of the 1500+ fans we have? Or how are you supposed to know about our contest to win free tickets to the show, if you aren’t online to see us post that information? Well, fear not! Because we are starting an e-mail newsletter, which is the best way for information to reach you! Please sign up below. We promise not to spam you, or give away your e-mail addresses, or send dirty pictures (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Plus it will only be at most, 4 times a month.

We’re going to be having a contest to win one of Help Me Mommy’s FIRST T-SHIRTS, but you’ll ONLY be entered into the contest if you sign up for our e-mail newsletter, so make sure to do so below!

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The May Hems Are Coming!

10299091_10202106855827067_1199055655463143729_nHelp Me Mommy is proud to announce that Max May Hem and his partner in crime, Eva Luv Goria (Angie Pasquini) will be guest performing with us today, Saturday June 14th, at the Hobart Art Theatre! They will be performing as Riff Raff and Magenta, as well as maybe even putting on a special pre-show for everyone!

See the event on Facebook, and make sure to share the event with everyone you know — it’s not often we get famous Rocky Horror out of towners guest performing with us!

Oh shit: I am very proud to announce that I, Max May Hem and my Partner in Crime, Eva Luv Goria Angie Pasquini will be Guest performing with The Rocky Horror Cast of Help me Mommy in Hobart, Indiana. We will be playing our respective Riff and Magenta roles and maybe even perform a Special performance. So before you party with us at the Chicago RHPS Convention on June 19-22, come out to Hobart for a wild ride with Help Me Mommy.