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Nathan William McClain | NWI's Rocky Horror Picture Show

Nathan William McClain

nathanName: Nathan William McClain

Role: My main roles are Frank and Rocky, I’ve also done Riff, Brad, and Dr. Scott.

When did you join Help Me Mommy?: I joined in January of 2012, it is where I first started playing Frank. I am also still involved with the Indy RHPS shadow cast Transylvanian Lip Treament, I started there a month after HMM. Plus the I started off with The Dayton Affair in 2010, which sadly they are no longer around.

When did you first see Rocky Horror? I first saw it at a theater on the Richmond High School campus. Then my first time seeing the movie with a shadow cast was New Years Eve in 2006 at the Richmond Civic Theater.

Favorite Rocky Horror memory? I think my top one was the first time I went to a after party with the Dayton Affair. To me it was a feeling of finally belonging to something. I felt I had finally met people who just as an outcast as me.

Likes: Pink Floyd, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, David Bowie, Creepypasta, Classical Music, and Greek Mythology.

Dislikes: Lady Gaga, people with huge egos, intolerance of others for being different, and reality tv.

Anything else? To me HHM and other cast I’ve been involved with are my family and home. I love the diversity of the cast and audience, and I enjoy meeting new people, and RHPS gave me that outlet for it.

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