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JOIN THE CAST | NWI's Rocky Horror Picture Show


We Need Fresh Blood! Not in a vampiric way; we need new performers, cialis crew members, clinic & even security. So if you like the show and you want to help keep it going, join us! There are plenty of perks to being a cast member — but it’s also hard work. If you’re interested in joining Help Me Mommy, just talk to one of our cast officers: John, TR, or Joe (just ask somebody where they are). You can also email hmmrhps (at) yahoo.com…But really, the best way to show us that you are serious about joining the cast is to talk to a cast officer!

2 Responses to JOIN THE CAST

  1. Leah Streetman says:

    I’ve seen rocky about 8 times at the art theatre and I watch it all the time at home! I just have to say that I have absolutely fallen in love with ROCKY!!!! and I would be interested in acting in it!! I have acting experience and I love to do it. hopefully I can join!!?? -Leah Streetman

  2. Gina Gutierrez says:

    Hello! My name is Gina Gutierrez, I am a self taught makeup/sfx artist and costume designer interested in theater and film. I have been using and teaching myself these skills for drag as in my spare time I am a “faux queen”, however I would love to join and act with your cast as I am very fond of this amazing show and would love to extend my experience in makeup & costumes and/or acting. Would there be any time I could meet with one of you cast officers?

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