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Jerad Calmbacher | NWI's Rocky Horror Picture Show

Jerad Calmbacher

382479_10201510767115869_567033001_nName-Jerad Calmbacher


Role– I mainly run around naked and play Riff Raff.

When did you join Help Me Mommy– That one point in time and stuff, I’m no good with dates.

Where did you first see Rocky Horror?– I first saw rocky horror at the art theatre with our wonderful cast some odd years ago, again I can barely remember my own birthday.

What is your most favorite Rocky Horror memory?– All of them, yours and mine… I know all your secrets.

Dislikes– Not getting a piece of cheesecake , pie, Cat placenta and people who smell like butt cheese.

Likes– Cheesecake, you can add cheesecake to anything and I’d be content.

Anything else?– I am the Milkman, my milk is delicious.

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