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Featured Newbie for March 2015 | NWI's Rocky Horror Picture Show

Featured Newbie for March 2015

SKRIBBL3Z 2SKRIBBL3Z is one of Help Me Mommy’s newest crew members—and possibly a future performer. The first time he saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show—ever—was at the Art Theatre at the first Help Me Mommy performance in 2008, drugs which he refers to as the “best night ever.”

He loves “everything!” about being part of the Rocky Horror community. “It’s opened me up to so many wonderful people and made me learn a lot about myself, sale ” he explained.

“I am honored to be part of this cast. It started as a dream but turned into the most wonderful experience of my life so far, viagra 100mg ” SKRIBBL3Z explained.SKRIBBL3Z 1

A machinist by trade, SKRIBBL3Z enjoys cars—“anything mechanical, really”—as well as archery and scale models. His favorite colors are blue, black, and grey. Mellowcream pumpkins (also known as candy corn) is his favorite candy.

An enthusiast of the television programs Wolf’s Rain, Deathnote, and Full Metal Alchemist, SKRIBBL3Z’s favorite movies are Silent Hill (the first one) and The Untouchables.

Borrowing a line from the film, SKRIBBL3Z sums it up best by saying, “Remember—don’t dream it, be it!”