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Valentine’s Day Extravaganza!

Bring a date or just bring yourself, but don’t miss our extra special Valentine’s Day show! There will be a lingerie contest for the audience! There will also be a photo booth!

Also, stay tuned for updates as more events arise for our spectacular Valentine’s Day show!

Tickets are $8. Survival kits are $2.
Doors open at 11pm, and the show starts at 11:30pm.

Holiday Spectacular!

Tis the season for our holiday spectacular!
Our holiday show will be on Dec 26th. There will be holiday themed MC portion, Virgin sacrifice, Trixie, and an Ugly X-mas Sweater Contest with CASH PRIZE!!! There may be a holiday preshow, and maybe even a visit from you know who! So come on out and show your holiday spirit! Also remember we have a show every Saturday at 11:30, and don’t miss Jade’s Hanukkah Trixie on Dec 12th!


Help Me Mommy will be “shaking their cans” for charity and donating the canned food collected at this event!

This is how it works: Audience members are encouraged to bring canned food to donate to charity Saturday November 28th. For each can we receive, help cast members will be on stage shaking their butts for the audience. So, cialis the more cans you donate, the more booty shaking for your entertainment!

Doors open at 11pm, and the show starts at 11:30pm.
Tickets are $8 and survival kits are $2.


Cast Member Bios, & Anniversary Night!


Come on out to Hobart, IN, to The Art Theatre located at 231 Main ST to celebrate SEVEN awesome years of Absolute Pleasure in The Region! That’s right, your favorite NWI Rocky Horror Picture Show floorshow cast is turning seven years old today! As always, doors open at 11:00 PM and the pre-show starts at 11:30 PM. Tickets are only $8, but the experience is priceless. For more information, or to ask questions, head on over to our Facebook event.

Also, don’t miss out newest cast profile, for our Cast Officer, Joe!

Click for our upcoming events!
mAY 2015

Featured Newbie for March 2015

SKRIBBL3Z 2SKRIBBL3Z is one of Help Me Mommy’s newest crew members—and possibly a future performer. The first time he saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show—ever—was at the Art Theatre at the first Help Me Mommy performance in 2008, drugs which he refers to as the “best night ever.”

He loves “everything!” about being part of the Rocky Horror community. “It’s opened me up to so many wonderful people and made me learn a lot about myself, sale ” he explained.

“I am honored to be part of this cast. It started as a dream but turned into the most wonderful experience of my life so far, viagra 100mg ” SKRIBBL3Z explained.SKRIBBL3Z 1

A machinist by trade, SKRIBBL3Z enjoys cars—“anything mechanical, really”—as well as archery and scale models. His favorite colors are blue, black, and grey. Mellowcream pumpkins (also known as candy corn) is his favorite candy.

An enthusiast of the television programs Wolf’s Rain, Deathnote, and Full Metal Alchemist, SKRIBBL3Z’s favorite movies are Silent Hill (the first one) and The Untouchables.

Borrowing a line from the film, SKRIBBL3Z sums it up best by saying, “Remember—don’t dream it, be it!”

NWI RHPS April Show Dates

tumblr_mlgizzqkGR1r6tc32o1_500A FILM BY JIM SHARMAN (1975, 100 minutes)

In this cult classic, sweethearts Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon), stuck with a flat tire during a storm, discover the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry), a transvestite scientist. As their innocence is lost, Brad and Janet meet a houseful of wild characters, including a rocking biker (Meat Loaf) and a creepy butler (Richard O’Brien). Through elaborate dances and rock songs, Frank-N-Furter unveils his latest creation: a muscular man named “Rocky.”

APRIL 4TH 2015
APRIL 11TH 2015
APRIL 18TH 2015


Audience Corner – Alice

Alice first saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show circa 2008—and it was really The Rocky Horror Show, performed as a musical theatre performance by a semi-professional cast. Six months later, her son (Randy) introduced her to the film itself on DVD. It wasn’t until January 2010 that she saw a live shadowcast perform the show when viewing Completely Crazy in IL.Alice
She grew up during the time it first became popular—in the 1970s—but had never seen the film. Introduced to the experience, Alice was pleasantly confused. “My first thoughts were ‘this is weird, interesting, and fun all rolled into one.’ I wasn’t sure what to look at: the movie or the actors. I was kind of overwhelmed at first, but the more the night went on, the more fun I had,” she explained.
Her favorite character is Columbia, especially her personal floor show—which is also Alice’s favorite scene. Columbia is “colorful, quirky, and fun,” Alice noted. Her favorite audience participation line, however, is “what’s that smell; cover it up” (yelled to Janet, during her personal floor show). She also enjoys the line to the Criminologist about the “diabolical chicken” on his forehead.
“Help Me Mommy is a great cast. They really give their audience a fun-filled night,” Alice stated. She loves Kung Fu night “it’s a LOT of fun and very unique,” Alice noted. She continued, “The dance parties are always a blast. I’m really looking forward to pajama night, which is coming next month [in April]. Help Me Mommy has the best theme nights I’ve had the pleasure to attend.”cuddle_bears
While she may have arrived late to the Rocky Horror party, she doesn’t intend to leave early. “I will always be a fan of Rocky Horror, and Help Me Mommy has a special place in my heart,” Alice explained.
“If it weren’t for my son introducing me to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I might not have ever seen it—and, in turn, I never may have met such a wonderful group of people who are like ‘family’ throughout the entire Rocky community. They gave me the strength I needed to turn my life around for the better. Yes, Rocky Horror definitely saved my life,” Alice concluded, referencing the documentary in progress, Rocky Horror Saved My Life, which filmed at the Hobart show—as well as many other venues, internationally—in 2014.

NWI Rocky Horror Presents: Kung Fu Night!

kung fu
Our annual Kung Fu Night is this Saturday, March 28th 2015! Come to the show dressed up in your best Asian costume, and win fabulous cash & prizes! What is Kung Fu Night? We turn off the audio from the film, and dub in our own voices as well as international versions of the songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The cast will also be dressed up in their Oriental finest. Make sure to stop by our photo backdrop and take a picture to commemorate your time with Help Me Mommy!

As always tickets are only $8, and the cast sells prop kits for the low low price of only $2. Help Me Mommy performs at The Art Theatre, 230 Main ST, in downtown Hobart, IN. Don’t forget to check our Kung Fu Night event out on Facebook, and don’t forget to give our Page a “like” as well!