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Cast Member: Skitters | NWI's Rocky Horror Picture Show

Cast Member: Skitters

207232_10200284733378295_625734179_nName: Skitters

Role: Crew (small props)

When did you first see Rocky Horror at a theater? The first night I’d come to the show was Halloween Night. It was because of my father that I’d come, but I have yet to convince him to see the show.

When and why did you join Help Me Mommy? I joined the cast about 3 years ago. It being no secret that the crew of this particular cast has a shit ton of furries, and not being a secret that I’m a furry, I found quick kinship.

Favorite Rocky Horror memory? My second Notre Dame show.

Favorite quote: “Cellar door,” “I never have sex before dinner.”

Likes: Drawing, painting, audiophile stuff, music, Buddhism, the mysteries of the universe within this timestream, tigers, vintage film

Dislikes: Weeping Angels, cell shading, Assholes who pull tails, charcoal pencils, math, action films, straight sex…


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  1. Namnae says:

    brilliant honesty and ralely funny. Went to Staffield first time lately just on the range. It does look like your photo.I was astonished, trying to work out the magic factor in the ball that sails beautifullly over 200 yds with a 6 iron which I didn’t swing hard on, versus the topper to 40 which in my mind was the greatest swing on Earth .I realised golf (with maybe 4 basics to the swing) is just as it was when we first picked up the club so long ago. As kids we sense where the ball is and caress it into the face of the club and it just pings. Something told me that is the place you can’t go. So, hips first, arms straight, open face, club pointing to, head still, hips again, rotate down, close face, pray is one option. But I just simply enjoyed hitting the ball by vibing it was there. I would love to know what Rory Mc does when he starts hooking all over the place. I am sure he hasn’t got a clue either. Tense up and all is lost. I think that is why I like golf so much, it continually proves to me that the most beautiful thing in life is utterly simple, natural and magical all at the same time. I’d be pleased your driving is going well, sounds great! 8 and 9s? Ah, yo ucan fix that, just stop thinking about it and tickle it up and down. MH

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