Cast Member: Sarah Ward

1365629524277Name: Sarah Ward

Age: 19

Role: Performer — Columbia and Brad.

When did you first see Rocky Horror at a theater? Video Game Night, stuff June 4th, order 2011 – Hobart Art Theatre.

When and why did you join Help Me Mommy? I signed my soul over to Help Me Mommy on June 12th of 2012. I joined because I was already attending Rocky every weekend and consider myself an entertainer so why not?

Favorite Rocky Horror memory? Every Rocky Horror memory is a good memory but my favorite has to be Kung Fu Night 2012.

Favorite quote: “A golden egg of opportunity falls into your lap this month.” –from some fucking fortune cookie

Likes: He-Man, art, entertaining people, Help Me Mommy, sewing, cosplay, gaming, MST3K, animals, Doctor Who, good cartoons, farting, Disney, and being naked.

Dislikes: Snow, wearing clothes, politics, and Walmart-shopping crowds.

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