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Cast Member: Sandra | NWI's Rocky Horror Picture Show

Cast Member: Sandra

072112163104-225x300Name: Sandra

Age: 21

Role: Front lights / spot light / set up and take down

When did you join Help Me Mommy? Around January 2011

When did you first see Rocky Horror? October’s Halloween show 2010 there were so many people, sildenafil there were some standing in the isles

Favorite Rocky Horror memory? Ed’s “Uncle Ed’s Story Time” XD

Favorite Rocky Horror character? Magenta

Favorite Rocky Horror character to perform? Haven’t performed yet but plan on trying out Janet

Anything else? I like Rocky so much because it’s my get away from reality. I get to act as goofy as I want for a night and be accepted for who I am. I get to help set up something that makes others happy and when we take down it’s another night accomplished. It may be the same movie every weekend but there’s always a different memory of each one.

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