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Cast Member: Kristen Esgate | NWI's Rocky Horror Picture Show

Cast Member: Kristen Esgate


Birthday: February 5

Role: Performed as Frank-N-Furter. Was also the first Promotions Director, which included creating/building the job – being the web master and in charge of all online social media as well as promotions outside of the cast, and creating/gathering promotional materials. Now performs with Midnight Madness.

When did you join Help Me Mommy? I’ve been a cast member since the beginning. I was grand-fathered into the cast as I was a previous Pink Invader Rocky Horror Shadow Cast member.

When did you first see Rocky Horror? It’s been SO long! I don’t remember the exact date, but I was a Junior in High school at the time, so it was in later 1998 or early 1999 — but it was seeing The Pink Invaders in Merrillville, IN, at The Crossroads. I forget which person told me about it first — but a guy I was dating at the time was a regular audience member, and also a new friend I had made in high school was in the cast.

Favorite Rocky Horror memory? It’s hard to answer this question, because there are so many awesome (and awful!) memories thanks to Rocky Horror in my life. But it’s probably when I started dating Zero again (who is also a Help Me Mommy cast member). I met up with him at The Crossroads in February of 2005 and we started dating, and that’s when I re-joined The Pink Invaders as Frank-N-Furter. We got married inside of The Art Theatre (the very place we perform Rocky Horror now!) in 2009. Also when we became members of the Chicago-based Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, Midnight Madness.

Likes: Rocky Horror, my husband Zero, Doctor Who, reading, Christopher Eccleston, Adventure Time, Regular Show, reading fan fiction.

Dislikes: Weeping Angels, mouth noises, people who feel the compulsive need to talk a lot, bad attitudes.

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