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Cast Member: John Davey | NWI's Rocky Horror Picture Show

Cast Member: John Davey

john-300x225Name: John Davey

Role: Runnin shit behind the scenes (aka Cast Officer)

When did you join HMM? To quote Mr. Ice Cube  “Hello! I started this gangsta shit!”

Where did you first see RH? : At a theatre that doesnt exist anymore. The Dunes PLaza in Valparaiso, Indiana.

What is your most favorite RH memory:  Sneaking out to the living room after my mom made me go to bed so I could watch the Lips again.

Likes: Anthony Vulpitta, pooping, pooping on Anthony Vulpitta, House Music, Many other forms of music that aren’t House Music, Scott Frey, Actual celluloid film, Protesters getting pied in the face, The Space Pegasus, Cult Films and bad cinema in general (not to imply all cult films are Bad Cinema), that internet meme where Batman slap Robin in the face for saying “Rocky Horror Sucks”, The idea of “Poop Dollar” but not the actual practice of it, and most of all, you, Kristen, I like you!

Dislikes: Country music, people who say the film “Rocky Horror” sucks, Reality TV, Theme Nights, Assclownerey, toilet paper stuck in my a butt hair, Nickelback, thay guy with the chicken who walked out of our show because the audience participation was too much (such bullshit! Many shows are WAAAAYYY more vulgar than ours).

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