Cast Member: Hilary Grace

551390_10200550120372804_138858492_nName: Hilary Grace

Birthday:September 2, 1989

Role: Performer. Has performed as Frank, Columbia, Magenta, and Janet.

When did you first see Rocky Horror at a theater? September 15, 2007, at The Hollywood Blvd Theater in Woodridge, IL.

When and why did you join Help Me Mommy? I guest-performed in June of 2012 and liked the people and the theater so much I decided to stick around.

Favorite Rocky Horror memory? Late night/early morning rehearsal, hanging around and talking ’til the sun came up.

Favorite quote: “Troubled by the living? Is death a problem and not the solution? Unhappy with eternity? Then call Betelgeuse, ‘The Bio-Exorcist’!” –from Beetlejuice

Likes: Hair, David Bowie, Sushi, Rocky Horror, Nail polish, Beetlejuice, Marc Bolan, Karaoke, American History

Dislikes: Bitches & hoes, Your Mom, Meat, Playing Janet Weiss, Beer

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