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Cast Member: Fat Danny | NWI's Rocky Horror Picture Show

Cast Member: Fat Danny

Danhead-251x300Name: Fat Danny

Role Cast Treasurer. Crew.

When did you join Help Me Mommy Am A Member In Good Standing Of The Pink Invaders…{R.I.P.} Then Helped Cast Officers Fom Help Me Mommy From A Crew Standpoint.

Where did you first see Rocky Horror? Tiny Fools At The Crossroads Cinema In Merrilville

What is your most favorite Rocky Horror memory? Most Do Not Want To Know This One… So You Will Just Have To Ask Me…

Likes Lighting And Crew Running Smoothly…

Dislikes Conformity Thieves And Fake People

ANYTHING ELSE?I Have 1 Son Who Will Be 7 Soon And A Wonderful Girlfriend With A Great Daughter Whom Is 2 That I Love To Claim As My Own… I Am Also Assisting In Raising/Corrupting A 1 Year Old Girl And A 3 Month Old Boy In My Spare Time…
My Favorite Color Is Purple
My Favorite Animals are Pink Flamingos And Eagles.
My Favorite Character In Rocky Horror Is Columbia. It Is Her Because She Has A Spine And Stands Up To Frank Without Killing Him…
If You Want To Know Anything Else Just Ask, and by messaging me over Facebook.

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