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Cast Member: Ed Lipinski | NWI's Rocky Horror Picture Show

Cast Member: Ed Lipinski


Role: cast leader of “the shadow castaways” shadowcast(currently between shows)

Ed Lipinski was born a poor black child in rural Mississippi and through hard work and determination, rose through the ranks to become the King of Atlantis. When he isn’t performing the pressing duties of being an underwater monarch, he hosts The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Historic ‘Art Theatre. Mr. Lipinski has been a fixture in the Indiana Rocky Horror scene for so long that people call him “Sir” due to his age and not out of respect and he remembers the time Abraham Lincoln guest-performed as Columbia. Ed is a founding member of Help Me Mommy, its’ former incarnation The Pink Invaders, and was a member-in-good-standing of its’ former incarnation The Tiny Fools (where he used to play Eddie, Dr. Scott, and The Criminologist for the rowdiest bunch of dinosaurs this side of the Jurassic era!). Ask your parents about it. They probably went to high school with him. See him continue to make inappropriate jokes at the beginning of the show every Saturday until the unraveling of time.

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