Cast Member: Cydnee Ruth Wilson

382510_585284528202498_213710806_nName: Cydnee Ruth Wilson

Age: 18

Role: Performer. I’m Franks favorite color (Magenta). I also play Rocky!

When did you first see Rocky Horror at a theater? Two Weeks after it opened at the art theatre.

When and why did you join Help Me Mommy? I joined in July of 2012. I decided since I was there every week I might as well get up there.

Favorite Rocky Horror memory? Performing at the state theatre and the art in one night (June 8th, 2012).

Favorite Quote: “It’s so dreamy”-RHPS

Likes: Rocky Horror, Shock Treatment, Blackhawks, tea, cats and sleeping.

Dislikes: Dumb bitches.

ANYTHING ELSE? I really would just like to thank my best friend Alley Bitch for teaching me most of what I know, and just all around helping me out. I love you slut!

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