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Cast Member: BreAnn A. Djordjevich | NWI's Rocky Horror Picture Show

Cast Member: BreAnn A. Djordjevich

400006_444400582293272_2076275625_nName: BreAnn A. Djordjevich

Role: Security; also performs as Eddie & Trixie.

When did you first see Rocky Horror at a theater? About 2 years ago here at The Art Theatre.

When and why did you join Help Me Mommy? Because Ron made me, and because this cast is amazing!

Favorite Rocky Horror memory? All the good one liners I have had like telling Ron that “I could not tell what was in T.R.’s pants,” and telling Ron “I could not find the little thing,” after we walked out of a dark room.

Likes: Rocky, food, and sleep.

ANYTHING ELSE? I can’t wait to spend more time with all of the amazing cast/crew and the audience members who share in the work we have done to show you guys!

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