The Rocky Horror Picture show is centered around audience participation. This means that at different points during the film, you will be asked to dance, use props, and possibly interact with a cast member. Audience participation is crucial to the Rocky Horror experience. You will often hear other audience members shouting out witty responses to the action and dialog on screen. These callbacks are a constantly-evolving dialog between the audience in the movie. Callbacks can also be different from other casts. If you think of something funny, timely, and relevent to the action on screen just scream it out – and see your fellow movie-goers react. If you have never seen the show before, here’s a few simple ones to get you started:

Brad can be called an Asshole whenever he is introducing himself, or when the Criminologist says his name.

Janet is a Slut, used when she is introduced, or during the Criminologist’s lines.

Prop bags are pretty necessary to gain the full Rocky Horror experience. While you are currently allowed to bring your own props, the cast does sell Survival Kits at every show. Each bag (sold for $2 each) contains all the items necessary for audience participation including a sheet of newspaper, a glowstick, a bag of rice, a rubber glove, a noisemaker, a paper plate, toast, a roll of toilet paper, and some cards. Please keep in mind that open flames, water guns, glitter, and wet foods are not allowed inside the theater, and our security will either hold it for you until the end of the show or allow you to go put it back in your car.

People in the front, throw back!
People in the back, throw forward!
People in the middle, throw up!
But not on your neighbor, unless they’re into that sort of thing.

Also note – do not throw anything onto the stage, at the walls, at the screen, and definitely not at the performers. You break it, you bought it, and do you really want to bring us home?

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